12 Norway Government Ministries were Targeted in a Cyberattack

According to recent reports, twelve government ministries in Norway have been targeted by cyber-attacks.

The most recent attack was aimed at Norway’s public sector, and investigations are currently ongoing.

Norway has been Europe’s largest gas supplier after Russia had a drop in the supply. Norway has also become Western Europe’s largest oil exporter.

The cyber attack was identified as there was unusual traffic in Norway’s platform which was discovered on July 12.

Erik Hope, the head of the government agency and in charge of providing services to the ministries, said, “We identified a weakness in the platform of one of our suppliers and that weakness has now been shut”.

Norway Prognosticated in February

In February, the Nordic Police Security Agency (PST) was taking necessary precautions for a cyber attack in response to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The PST said, ”Moscow would likely prioritize actions such as illegal gathering of intelligence, theft of information, cyber operations or cultivating sources, these are more probable”.

As predicted, there was a Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against Norway’s state sector in June 2022, which was to be blamed on a “Criminal Russian pro group”.

However, the recent cyber attack did not affect the Prime Minister’s Office, including ministries like Foreign, Defense, and Justice, as they were using a different IT platform.

Norway is NATO’s northernmost member. Cyber attacks against Norway have seen massive increases between 2019 and 2021. The incidents stayed at the same level in 2022. Norway has increased military alerts ever since the war in Ukraine.

The tensions between the two nations remain in the same stage, affecting the neighboring countries and other nations.

However, cyber-attacks have seen a large increase in recent times and are predicted to increase furthermore.

Peace must prevail between the two nations, which will contribute a lot of good towards humanity and a great benefit for the neighboring nations and the world.

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