5 Dating Apps for Single Parents

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When I first re-entered the dating pool in 2019, many of my single friends recommended I explore dating apps. However, most of these friends also didn’t have children and, therefore, didn’t realize how hard it is for single parents to navigate traditional dating platforms like Tinder or Match. Those of us with children need apps that account for a single parent’s limited free time and unique dating needs.

Luckily, dating apps have greatly evolved in the last five years and offer much greater variety for niche groups, like these dating apps for single parents I recently tried out.

1. Overall Best Dating App for Single Parents: Stir

Stir (Android | iOS) is the app where single parents go to “rediscover the fun in dating.” The basic mechanics work the same as other applications: you create a profile, view other profiles to find potential matches, and then start conversations with those who also selected you.

Stir Dating App Screenshots

However, since this is a dating app for single parents, it offers a few unique profile features I haven’t found with any other platforms. The most beneficial feature by far is “Weekly Free Time.” This lets you set your personal availability, and the app will show you profiles that match your free time and other specified preferences. This makes it easier to schedule dates because you can easily see when matches are free and find overlapping gaps in your schedule.

Additionally, the app lets you specify a lot about your family, including how many children you have, whether they live with you full-time or part-time, and whether you are open to having more children in the future. And, of course, many of the profile questions are geared towards family and children, which gives you a great look at family values to determine if potential partners would align with you on parenting styles.

Stir is available for free, or you can unlock additional features like viewing likes, messaging before matching, and more starting at $39.99 for one month.

2. Best for Expanding Families: HeyBaby

Although Stir lets you specify whether or not you want more children, HeyBaby (Android | iOS) is specifically designed for current and hopeful parents who want to bond over their shared family interests. Because of this, the initial profile screener includes many family-oriented questions that other dating apps don’t ask, including whether you have kids now, are open to more children, will date people who currently have children, and are open to adoption.

HeyBaby app screenshots

After you answer the initial questions about family, you’ll go through a series of short answer questions, multiple-choice items, and select photos. The app then generates a score and uses the score to provide potential matches. You can answer additional questions at any time to change your score and narrow down the pool of potential partners, meaning you save time and only match with compatible people.

As someone who takes safety very seriously, I also appreciate that HeyBaby follows a strict verification process. Unlike other dating apps for single parents, you must provide a real-time selfie for verification purposes before they will even post your profile. This avoids awkward situations with catfish, couples looking for a third, or other nonsense single parents don’t have time for.

HeyBaby is completely free, meaning you get all the available features without paying a dime.

3. Made for Serious Daters: Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel (Android | iOS) isn’t necessarily a dating app for single parents. However, as one of the top dating apps for serious singles, it works well for parents.

Screenshots of Coffee Meets Bagel App

If you choose to link the app through Facebook as soon as you download Coffee Meets Bagel, you can skip over several of those pesky initial questions like your name, birthday, and photo selections. Also, unlike most of the other dating apps for single parents I tested, Coffee Meets Bagel is very queer-friendly; they offer 15 unique gender identities to choose from.

That being said, it takes quite a while to fill out your CMB profile completely since it is comprehensive. Also, premium plans start at $13/month, and many of the most useful features single parents would want (like specifying preferences beyond the basics) are locked in the free version.

4. Best for LGBTQIA+ Single Parents: Taimi

I fall in a unique place within the spectrum of single parents because I also identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Although I didn’t find a perfect dating app for single parents within the queer community, Taimi (Android | iOS) is overall a great choice.

How Taimi works overview.

Taimi keeps the profiles basic, but users can earn a badge by completing a verification process. Although I missed some of the specifics for parenting, I did like the amount of specificity you could add in terms of your gender identity and sexuality, as it offered far more options than any other dating apps for single parents.

I also appreciate Taimi because the app takes privacy and safety very seriously. You cannot take any screenshots within this dating app, and you can access an entire safety section for dating tips and warnings so you don’t end up in unsafe situations.

5. Great for Parents With Advanced Degrees: Elite Singles

If you are a single parent who cares about your partner’s education level, average income, and other similar factors, you should try Elite Singles (Android | iOS). The app claims to “meet your standards,” so you don’t waste time on people who won’t live up to the hype.

Screenshots of Elite Singles App

Unlike any of the dating apps for single parents I tested, Elite Singles has you complete an extensive personality questionnaire before you set up your profile. Each of these questions falls on a spectrum, and you label how important various factors are for a potential match. Once you finish, your profile is reviewed before you can begin exploring possible matches or using other features.

Elite Singles does ask several questions about your current children, hopes for the future, and whether you are open to a partner who already has children. The extensive review process also ensures safety for single parents.

Elite Singles is free for the base features, or a premium plan begins at $57.95 per month for a three-month membership.

Are You Ready to Date Again?

Dating apps make it easier for single parents to connect and find love again. If you share your parenting responsibilities with a former spouse, a co-parenting app may help streamline calendars and communication when you re-enter the dating world. Also, if you aren’t ready to date, you can always find new friends online based on similar interests.

Image credit: Pexels. All screenshots by Megan Glosson.

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