5 Free AI Apps to Generate Content on iPhone

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With the right AI apps, you can generate text, images, and more – all from the convenience of your pocket. Let’s explore fantastic, free AI apps that put the tools of creativity in your hands.

1. Best for Generating Text: ChatGPT

If you write a lot, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate having ChatGPT on your iPhone as much as I do. This chatbot was released in November 2022, and its impact on the world has been profound. There are many web apps based on ChatGPT that you can use even when on the go, but the official ChatGPT mobile app is still my top choice when it comes to AI text generation.

Screenshot Of A Prompt Entered In Chatgpt On Ios

ChatGPT on iOS gives you free access to GPT 3.5, which, despite not being the very latest model, offers impressive versatility in handling a wide array of tasks, ranging from drafting emails to generating creative story ideas. The app’s user interface is clean and intuitive, so even those who are not tech-savvy can use it with ease.

Chatgpt Response On Ios

Moreover, the voice mode feature adds an additional layer of convenience, enabling you to dictate your queries and commands hands-free. This is particularly useful when multitasking or on the move.


  • Free to use with no additional costs
  • Syncs history across devices
  • Voice mode offers a hands-free experience


  • Free version does not use the latest AI model

2. Best for Generating Images: Draw Things

Draw Things is an AI image generator that runs directly on your iPhone’s powerful (at least if you have a recent iPhone model) hardware, allowing you to create anything, from photorealistic images to cartoonish illustrations, using readily-available Stable Diffusion models.

Draw Things On Ios Downloading A Model

Despite being a mobile app, Draw Things has support for LORAs: compact Stable Diffusion models designed to make minor modifications to the default checkpoint models. It also lets you play with ControlNet, which allows you to produce specific poses after adding an image.

Image Generated In Draw Things On Ios

Just know that the Stable Diffusion models Draw Things uses to generate AI images can be very large (a single model typically has several GB). If you don’t have much space to spare, free up some of your iOS storage before you proceed with its installation.


  • Local AI image generation
  • Privacy friendly
  • Supports LORAs and ControlNet


  • Requires a lot of storage space
  • Not as fast as cloud-based alternatives

3. Best Face Swap Tool: Reface

Reface is my go-to iOS app for making others laugh, thanks to its incredibly realistic and sometimes hilariously absurd face swap capabilities. The sheer joy of swapping your face onto a celebrity’s body or inserting yourself into iconic movie scenes is unmatched. And you don’t need to be a tech wizard to make the most out of Reface; with just a few taps, you’re ready to produce content that’s bound to get some laughs.

Reface Face Swap On Ios

However, the utility of Reface extends far beyond laughs and giggles. The same technology that powers those amusing face swaps can be harnessed for more practical purposes, such as trying on different hairstyles or crafting professional-looking photos.

Reface Avatar Images

While many of Reface’s features are available for free, accessing the full suite of tools, including some of the more advanced editing options, is possible only with a subscription, which starts at $3.99 a week.


  • Advanced face-swap technology for photos and videos
  • Wide array of AI-powered editing features for professional-quality content
  • User-friendly interface, with a vast library of templates and daily updates


  • Some premium features require a subscription

4. Best Cartoon Maker: ToonMe

ToonMe is an innovative app that magically transforms your photos into cartoon or animation-styled images. If you lack artistic ability but love the idea of cartooning yourself to earn likes on social media, make your profile image stand out, or just for fun, this app will suit the bill. With just a simple upload of a selfie, ToonMe does the heavy lifting, providing you with a hand-drawn quality portrait that looks like it’s straight out of an animated film.

Toonme Effects Showcase On Ios

The app offers a variety of styles so that your cartoon self is not just a generic template, but a personalized caricature that captures your essence. For example, you can look like characters from beloved Pixar or Disney movies or turn yourself into an anime protagonist.

Toonme Choose Photo Screen

However, while ToonMe is free to use, accessing its full range of features without ads comes at a cost, with a “pro” version available for a monthly subscription. Users should also be mindful of the app’s privacy policy, as it involves the collection of personal data and storage of photos.


  • Instantly transforms photos into high-quality cartoon or animation-style images
  • Offers a variety of styles for personalized caricatures
  • One-tap cartoon effect application


  • Full feature set requires a monthly subscription
  • Collects personal data, with photos stored for up to two weeks

5. Best for Digital Artwork: WOMBO Dream

Have you ever aspired to be an artist, but quickly learned that your talents lie elsewhere? You’re not alone. Fortunately, we live in the AI era, so you don’t need to let a lack of traditional drawing skills hold you back. WOMBO Dream lets you create anything you want in any style imaginable, by simply entering a text prompt and selecting an art style.

Wombo Dream Text Prompt

Whether you’re looking to create unique art for your home, generate visuals for a project, or just explore the boundaries of your imagination, WOMBO Dream offers an accessible and endlessly creative platform where you can do so. The app makes it easy to share your creations with others, so you may even go viral on social media and become the next big AI artist!

Wombo Dream Generated Art

The free version of WOMBO Dream allows users to experiment with the app and create up to two images per hour at a resolution of 512 × 512 pixels. If you need more, purchase a subscription plan for $6.99 a week.


  • Transforms text into personalized digital artwork within seconds
  • Offers a wide array of art styles
  • Allows for detailed customization of your creations


  • Premium subscription required for full feature access and ad-free experience

It’s possible to effortlessly create all kinds of wonderful content using AI apps on your iPhone. But why stop there? If you have a desktop computer with a reasonably powerful graphics card, you can, for example, experiment with local Stable Diffusion and unlock even more creative possibilities.

Image credit: DALL-E. All screenshots by David Morelo.

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