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TikTok has become a trendy platform for creating spontaneous short-form videos for followers. Unfortunately, countries like India, Afghanistan, and Nepal have banned TikTok due to user privacy concerns or other security risks. If you can’t use apps like TikTok due to bans or personal privacy concerns, these TikTok alternatives offer similar features, appearance, and popularity.

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1. Instagram Reels

Platforms: Android, iOS

If TikTok is banned or inaccessible in your country, the first alternative you want to consider is Instagram Reels. Instagram has long ago stepped away from its focus on photography and is now massively pushing Reels (short videos) content onto its large user base.

Instagram app interface overview on Android.

Many TikTok videos get reposted as Instagram Reels, so if you’re worried that you’re missing out on the planet’s coolest clips, with a bit of luck, you will stumble upon their reposts. Even if you don’t, the app offers a wide range of content to explore that guarantees you’ll never get bored.

Instagram’s video creation features are robust, too. You can add music from the app’s library of licensed audio tracks, text, stickers, filters, and much more. Once you’re done editing, you can share your creation on both Instagram and Facebook – if you have the two linked together.

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2. YouTube Shorts

Platforms: Android, iOS

YouTube has also taken note of the rising popularity of short-form videos, so it introduced Shorts a few years back. You can find them by opening the main YouTube app and swiping a bit, stumbling upon the Shorts section in no time. Alternatively, tap on the Shorts button at the bottom.

YouTube app interface overview on Android.

The interface for Shorts is quite similar to TikTok’s, except that you also have the option to Dislike a video. Given YouTube’s popularity, there is plenty of content to go through, although I’ve come across some videos I was already familiar with from Instagram. There’s also a lot of content reposted from TikTok.

When it comes to creating your own Shorts, YouTube offers a standard set of tools to allow you to shoot and edit your videos. You can add effects, filters, text, and more. To get started, check out our simple tutorial on how to create Shorts with YouTube.

3. Likee

Platforms: Android, iOS

Another app that distinguishes itself in the growing sea of apps like TikTok is the Singapore-based Likee (formerly LIKE). The mechanics are similar to TikTok: just swipe up to view the next video.

Likee app interface overview on Android.

You can also follow people and like or comment on their clips. The app includes an option to download the videos you like the most to watch later. A unique feature on Likee is Loops: a space where you can watch content based on your interests.

When it comes to video creation, you can access most of the editing tools that are also offered on TikTok. The app lets you add filters, text, music, and more to make your videos more interesting.

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4. Snapchat

Platforms: Android, iOS

Snapchat is another popular app that has followed the trend and now highlights short video content to its platform. You’ll find clips to watch by tapping on the Spotlight icon (it looks like a play button) in the app’s bottom menu.

Snapchat interface overview on Android.

Just like on TikTok, you can like or comment on the videos. The option to download them to your mobile device is also available.

While Snapchat already offered the option to create short videos, it now boasts an endless feed of short clips to browse through. The app has most of the editing features you’d expect, allowing you to add stickers, music, effects and so much more. Once you’ve created your clip, you’ll need to send it to the Snap Map (which also posts it to Spotlight).

5. Triller

Platforms: Android, iOS

Triller is an emerging short-video platform aimed at music enthusiasts. With that in mind, the app offers a dedicated Discover Music section, where you can browse and listen to new tracks. Once you stumble upon an interesting tune, you can immediately add it to your videos.

Triller app interface overview on Android.

Similar to TikTok (where it’s called Discover), Triller has a Spotlight section that allows you to view top accounts and videos from popular creators. If you’ve used TikTok before, you’ll be right at home on this app, as the video feed looks very similar. Unsurprisingly, you can like or comment on a video, but you can also opt to watch it full screen.

Triller shines when it comes to editing, as it uses AI to helps you edit your creations and do it more quickly. You can combine as many short clips as you want, to put together a single feed. It offers many effects (called lenses) and filters and allows you to mix audio with voiceovers.

Tip: you can create stories on TikTok as well.

6. Funimate

Platforms: Android, iOS

Funimate is an interesting TikTok alternative that relies heavily on AI. It has a lot of potential that can be developed in the years to come. While you can use the app for free, some unique features, such as AI image generation, are locked behind a paywall. I think offering this option to a wider audience could increase Funimate’s user base. Currently, the app isn’t as jam-packed with content as other apps, such as Instagram.

Funimate app interface overview on Android.

Despite the limited content, Funimate is worth a shot, especially if you’re the creative type. The app shines when it comes to editing videos, as it offers a robust set of tools to play with, including AI effects, animations, filters, and more.

Interestingly, adding an audio background is compulsory on Funimate, so make sure you put together a decent library before starting to film. The app doesn’t have its own sound library. Funimate has some ads, so if you’re not prepared to upgrade to the premium tier, you’ll end up seeing them, especially when editing videos. Finally, when it’s time to watch videos, Funimate resembles TikTok in most aspects, so you’ll easily find your way around.

7. Clapper

Platforms: Android, iOS

Clapper is an alternative to TikTok that won’t dazzle you with over-the-top features. Instead, it features a simpler interface that looks very much like the app it’s trying to emulate.

Clapper app interface overview on Android.

There’s a short video feed that you can swipe for some entertaining mini clips. As far as I can see, there’s enough content not to get bored. If you’re looking for something more specific, Clapper has a robust search feature that allows you to browse through various popular hashtags, such as #Parenting, #Mukbang, and #Cosplay.

Clapper isn’t stellar when it comes to creating videos. It does allow you to post clips and live or radio streams, but its editing options are limited at best. You can add texts and sounds, as well as a voiceover, but you can’t use filters or effects. But if you aren’t big on editing, Clapper should be just up your alley.

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Image credit: Pexels. All screenshots by Alexandra Arici.

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