Best Tweet-Deleting Apps to Delete Tweets in Bulk

Because of all the changes at Twitter, many users are looking for efficient ways to delete their tweets from the social media site. Consider a tool designed to delete your tweets quickly and efficiently. This list provides the best tweet-deleting tools to delete your tweets in bulk.

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1. Easy Tweet Deleter

Price: Free trial deletes five tweets per day | Premium plans start at $7.99/monthly

Availability: Web

Easy Tweet Deleter is your go-to solution when it comes to deleting tweets quickly and effortlessly. Find specific tweets to delete using keywords, dates, and types, like retweets. The app’s interface is super-easy to use and displays tweet details clearly, to avoid accidental deletion. It allows bulk selection for complete Twitter account cleanup. Just sign up, and start deleting tweets; it’s as simple as that.

Select Tweets or Likes To Delete In Easy Tweet Deleter


  • Unique filters to search for retweets, replies, and media tweets
  • Clearly shows a tweet, its type, and its date for easy selection
  • Lets you delete the likes you have given to other tweets

2. Circleboom

Price: Free | Paid plans start at $34.99/monthly

Availability: Web | iOS

Circleboom is another handy app for managing Twitter. The app is designed to offer you maximum comfort when deleting tweets. When using the app, search for tweets effortlessly using text, and organize them by language, date, and type. The process becomes easier with a feature that deletes tweets based on their age, even those older than a year.

Deleting Tweets Using Circleboom tool


  • Allows you to find fake followers and check user analytics
  • Manages likes, replies, friends, and followers
  • Exclusive filter for removing Quote tweets

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3. TweetDelete

Price: Premium plans start at $5.99/monthly

Availability: Web

TweetDelete has an easy-to-use interface to help you remove tweets and likes quickly. The good thing is that you can be selective by excluding certain tweets and delete the selected tweets automatically after a set time. The app also keeps track of deleted tweets and recent tasks for your convenience.

Delete Anything Twitter Account Tweetdelete Logged


  • Allows for scheduling and automating tasks
  • Deletes tweets from the archive using tweet IDs
  • Profanity filter allows you to delete tweets with bad/abusive language
  • Saves deleted tweets for later viewing

4. TwitLan

Price: Free

Availability: Web

TwitLan is an easy tweet-deleting tool, but what makes it different from other apps is that it is completely free to use. Simply connect your Twitter account, review your tweets, and pick the ones you want to delete. Choose multiple tweets simultaneously, and delete them in bulk using the “Select All The Tweets That Are Displayed” option.

Twitlan In Action


  • Shows all your tweets listed on the webpage
  • Easiest and simplest bulk tweet-deletion tool
  • Includes a “Display Tweets From” option to navigate through the list of tweets easily

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5. Tweet Deleter

Price: Free plan deletes 5 tweets/monthly | Paid plans start at $3.99 monthly

Availability: Web

The Tweet Deleter app makes deleting tweets a fun and easy task. It has several filters for narrowing down what tweets you want to delete. You can perform targeted deletions based on dates, days, and times. Furthermore, users can use this app to delete likes and replies on their Twitter posts.

Tweet Deleter In Action


  • Supports unlimited keyword searches
  • The app saves your deleted tweets for reference (though undoing deletions isn’t possible)
  • Delete all tweets and likes simultaneously or selectively
  • Accepts several payment methods

6. Twitter Archive Eraser

Price: One-time prepaid plans start at $19

Availability: Windows | Mac

The Twitter Archive Eraser app is all about privacy. It stores your tweets on your PC for extra security. Filtering and selecting tweets to delete is a breeze with this app, due to its simple and easy interface. Moreover, the app provides a clear view of each tweet and its replies, making sure there are no accidental tweet deletions.

Select Tweets To Delete In Twitter Archive Eraser


  • Supports GIF for tweet search and deletion
  • Allows you to load recent and archived tweets and sort them by month and year
  • Can delete up to 3000 tweets per minute

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7. TweetEraser

Price: Free version deletes 5 tweets/monthly | Premium versions start at $5.99/monthly

Availability: Web

TweetEraser has all the features you need to clear out your Twitter account. One thing to know about this app is that it can save you a lot of time finding tweets to delete. Besides smart filters, it comes with predefined filter criteria to use instead of manually choosing filters to find tweets. That way, you can remove multiple tweets and likes easily.

Tweet Eraser In Action


  • Delete tweets and likes by age
  • Includes a profanity filter
  • Shows the number of tweets deleted each time the task is run
Delete Likes From Tweet Eraser

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my tweets get automatically deleted if I deactivate my Twitter?

Deactivating your Twitter account will place your tweets in a queue. After 30 days, all your tweets and other relevant data will be deleted from Twitter’s servers automatically.

What happens with the deleted tweets?

If you delete a tweet, it gets removed from the Twitter server, so it no longer shows up on your account or on the timeline of anyone following you. The tweet will not show up in the search results either. It is virtually gone for good. Before you migrate to a Twitter alternative, be sure to delete all your tweets so that you don’t leave any compromising information on the platform.

Can people see my tweets if I deactivate my account?

People can no longer see your profile when you deactivate your Twitter account. All your information will disappear, including your tweets, replies, and retweets, and will be permanently deleted after 30 days from Twitter’s servers as well.

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