Beware That Anonymous Sudan Is Promoting A New DDoS Botnet

It has come to light that a group known as Anonymous Sudan is actively promoting a new Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) botnet service named “Skynet-GodzillaBotnet.”

An advertisement circulating online showcases a red dragon logo with the word “SKYNET.”

The service is being marketed as a powerful tool for executing DDoS attacks, with the group claiming to have enhanced its capabilities by merging its power with another entity.

The advertisement promises potential buyers that they will receive “the full power, 100%” upon purchasing the service.


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The advertisement spotted in Daily Dark Web clearly outlined that it offered access to the botnet for $100 for one day, $600 for one week, and $1700 for one month.

Furthermore, there is a mention of a limited-time offer set to expire on the 28th of February, suggesting that the promotion was initiated around February 26, 2024.

Anonymous Sudan’s attacks are not new to the cyber landscape. They are known for their aggressive Web DDoS attacks, which include alternating waves of UDP and SYN floods.

These attacks are launched from tens of thousands of unique source IP addresses, with UDP traffic capable of reaching up to 600Gbps and HTTPS request floods peaking at several million requests per second

The promotion of such services by Anonymous Sudan is alarming and highlights the ongoing threat posed by cybercriminals who seek to disrupt and damage online services and infrastructure.

DDoS attacks are illegal and can have severe consequences for the targeted organizations, often leading to significant downtime and financial losses.

Authorities and cybersecurity experts are urging businesses and online service providers to be vigilant and implement robust security measures to protect against such malicious activities.

Monitoring network traffic, employing DDoS mitigation strategies, and collaborating with internet service providers to defend against these potent cyber threats are crucial.

Promoting the “Skynet-GodzillaBotnet” by Anonymous Sudan is a stark reminder of the persistent and evolving nature of cyber threats.

Organizations must remain proactive in their cybersecurity efforts to safeguard against the disruptive and damaging effects of DDoS attacks.

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