Code Injection & Other Vulnerabilities Patched

Organizations using SAP products are urged to prioritize patching vulnerabilities outlined in the latest SAP Security Notes, which was released on 12th March 2024 on SAP Security Patch Day.

SAP Security Notes are official communications from SAP that detail newly identified vulnerabilities within their software products.

These notes provide critical information, including:

  • Severity of the vulnerability
  • Affected products
  • Patch availability

Here’s a summary of the most critical updates:

High Priority:

  • Code Injection: Patch available for vulnerabilities in SAP Build Apps (lower than 4.9.145) and SAP NetWeaver AS Java (Administrator Log Viewer plug-in) -version 7.50 (CVE-2019-10744, CVE-2024-22127).
  • Improper Authentication: Update SAP Commerce Cloud (HY_COM 2105, HY_COM 2205, COM_CLOUD 2211) to address CVE-2023-39439.
  • Denial-of-Service (DoS): Patches available for SAP HANA Database (2.0) and SAP HANA XS Advanced (1.0) to address CVE-2023-44487.
  • Path Traversal: Update SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (Central Management Console) (4.3) for CVE-2023-50164.
  • Security updates (to the issue that was released on April 2018 patch day) for the Google Chromium web browser engine that’s embedded within the SAP Business Client software.Product – SAP Business Client, Versions – 6.5, 7.0, 7.70

Medium Priority:

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Patch SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP applications based on SAPGUI for HTML (WebGUI) (7.89, 7.93) for CVE-2024-27902.
  • Information Disclosure: Updates available for SAP NetWeaver (WSRM) (7.50), SAP NetWeaver (Enterprise Portal) (7.50), and SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (Support Web Pages) (7.50) to address vulnerabilities (CVE-2024-25644, CVE-2024-25645, CVE-2024-28163).
  • Improper Access Control: Patch SAP Fiori Front End Server (605) for CVE-2024-22133.
  • Missing Authorization Check: Update SAP ABAP Platform (758, 795) for CVE-2024-27900.

For detailed information and download links, refer to the full SAP Security Notes.

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