Cybercriminals AI Tool Gained Over 5,000 Subscribers

The revolutionary innovations by AI (Artificial Intelligence) include generative AI that has various creative potential, but along with that it also raises serious concerns with malicious tools like WormGPT.

Since it’s a powerful generative AI-based tool, WormGPT enables attackers to create their own custom hacking tools that pose major cybersecurity challenges.

Just after its launch, WormGPT’s Telegram channel gained more than 5,000 active subscribers in just a week, showing the rapid adoption of the tool by threat actors to perform illicit activities and attacks.


WormGPT is a malicious AI tool that’s presented as a blackhat alternative to GPT models, using GPT-J LLM with the following key features:-

  • Unlimited character support
  • Chat memory retention
  • Code formatting
WormGPT advertisement on Telegram (Source – SOCRadar)

The developers of this AI tool assert its potential for malware, BEC phishing, and hacking tools, ensuring no user activity logs, and they accept cryptocurrency payments only.

With the continuous addition of new upgrades, WormGPT now permits users to import its code directly into their editor, showcasing its versatility.

WormGPT new feature showcase (Source – SOCRadar)

While a website exists, WormGPT’s Telegram channel, created on July 16, 2023, has gained over 5,000 subscribersbecoming more popular for feature and pricing promotions, reads SOCRadar report.

WormGPT reaches 5K users (Source – SOCRadar)

WormGPT for BEC Attacks

AI advancements like OpenAI’s ChatGPT enable hackers to conduct convincing business email compromise (BEC) attacks with personalized and realistic fake emails, increasing their chances of success.

Generative AI in BEC attacks has dual benefits, and here below we have mentioned them:-

  • Flawless grammar for genuine appearance and simplicity.
  • Enabling less skilled threat actors to conduct sophisticated cybercrime.


Defending against AI-driven BEC attacks demands a multi-layered strategy, blending tech solutions and user awareness.

Here below we have mentioned the recommendations offered by the cybersecurity analysts:-

  • AI Detection Tools
  • Email Authentication Protocols
  • User Training and Awareness
  • Email Filtering and Whitelisting

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