Enterprise Device Management With QR Codes

Corporate mobile devices have become essential to everyday tasks for employees, but this convenience also comes with security risks.

The challenge lies in managing and securing multiple devices, especially without a proper solution. This is where mobile device management (MDM) comes into play, providing a centralized solution to remotely manage, monitor, and secure mobile devices.

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Device onboarding
What is QR code enrollment?
How can enrollment templates be tailored to the varying uses of different devices?
What are the benefits of QR code enrollment?

Device onboarding

The process of enrolling a large number of devices can be time-consuming and cumbersome. However, there are several enrollment methods available to simplify this process.

Android’s zero-touch enrollment and Apple Business Manager enrollment are great options for devices purchased from verified resellers, while Knox Mobile Enrollment streamlines enrollment for Samsung Knox devices.

But what about devices that are not purchased from verified resellers or are employee-owned? This is where QR code enrollment comes in, providing an efficient way to bulk enroll Android devices.

What is QR Code enrollment?

This article will focus specifically on QR code enrollment, a bulk enrollment method for devices running Android 6.0 or above.

With this method, the administrators can just scan the QR code that’s provided by the MDM server for the Android device and onboard it to the server.

This approach for bulk enrollment is more seamless than other methods because the administrator can set up enrollment templates in advance, which include the required users, policies, and configurations based on their intended use or purpose.

This means that the administrators can easily enroll many devices at once, and each will automatically have the correct user assigned and the right policies in place.

How can Enrollment Templates be Tailored To the Varying Uses of Different Devices?

Enrollment templates are the first step in the device enrollment process, can be tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs and hold essential information, such as user, group, and naming patterns.

A naming pattern systematically assigns unique names to devices, such as a serial number, UDID, or IMEI. It helps avoid confusion by preventing identical names from being transferred to different devices.

When users want to set up a new device, they can easily enroll it in the MDM server by scanning the QR code from the prepared templates.

The device then follows the policies and configurations set in the enrollment template so that minimal manual intervention is required. Once enrolled, the device is ready for use.

By customizing enrollment templates, you can save time and eliminate repetitive tasks. Plus, you can ensure your devices are enrolled and secured according to your organization’s policies.

Let’s say the organization uses dedicated frontline devices and wants to assign them to the floor manager responsible for them.

Using the template’s QR code, you can create a custom template that assigns all devices onboarded to the floor manager.

This eliminates the need to assign each device individually, and your organization saves time and money.

Imagine the organization has integrated directory services, and the admin wants to allow users to enroll their devices themselves.

You can create a template that enables users to enroll using their directory credentials, eliminating the need for manual intervention by an admin. Here, too, your organization saves time and money by reducing the involvement of help desk personnel.


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What are the Benefits of QR Code Enrollment?

Using QR code enrollment with enrollment templates, you can:

  1. Simplify the bulk enrollment process and eliminate the need for manual intervention.
  2. Automate user assignments, allowing IT admins to assign devices to tagged users and groups automatically.
  3. Associate a naming pattern with devices for easy identification.
  4. Assign multiple devices to a single user to avoid individual device tagging and further streamline enrollment.
  5. Ensure that the necessary policies and configurations assigned to the template are applied to the devices automatically.

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