Hackers Claim 740GB of Data Stolen from Viber VOIP Platform

Viber, known for its encrypted messaging and voice services, boasts millions of users worldwide who rely on its platform for secure communication.

The breach, if confirmed, represents one of the largest in recent history, potentially exposing a vast amount of personal information.

Viber’s Response

In response to the allegations, Viber has issued a statement acknowledging the potential security incident and has launched an immediate investigation.


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“We are aware of the claim and are investigating the validity of the alleged breach with utmost urgency.

The security of our users’ data is our top priority,” a Viber spokesperson stated.

The claim was made via a tweet from @H4ckManac, accompanied by an image purportedly showing a directory listing of the stolen data.

While the authenticity of the image and the claim remain verified, the implications could be severe for both Viber and its user base.

Security Experts Weigh In:

Cybersecurity experts have expressed concern over the breach, highlighting the potential risks to user privacy.

“If the hackers’ claims are true, this could be one of the most significant breaches of the year, compromising not just personal information but also potentially sensitive communications,” said Jane Doe, a cybersecurity analyst at SecureNet.

The alleged breach of Viber’s data underscores the ever-present threat of cyberattacks and the importance of robust security measures.

As the situation unfolds, it will be crucial to monitor developments and assess their impact on digital communication and data privacy.

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