How to Delete Your Bumble Account

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The whole point of Bumble is to make meaningful connections, but once you do, you may want to know how to delete your Bumble account. Bumble makes it surprisingly easy to do this in just a few simple steps, but there are some things you should know first.

How to Delete Your Bumble Profile

If you’re using Bumble for more than dating, such as making friends or professional networking, you can delete a Bumble dating profile without affecting the other two profiles.

To just remove the dating portion of Bumble and use Bizz and/or BFF instead, tap the silhouette in the bottom left, then tap the gear (settings) icon in the top right. Toggle Date mode off.

Turning off Date mode in Bumble.

If you want to know how to delete your Bumble profile across the entire platform, tap the silhouette in the bottom left, then tap the gear (settings) icon in the top right. Scroll down, tap Delete account, and select your reason for wanting to delete the account.

Choosing a reason to delete your Bumble account.

Tap Delete once more, type delete, and tap Confirm. Once you’re brought back to the Bumble login screen, you’re all set.

What Happens When Deleting a Bumble Account?

If you’re disabling Dating mode, all matches and chats in the Dating portion are deleted. Your matches won’t receive a notification, but they’ll no longer see you in their matches and conversations. Nothing is deleted from Bizz or BFF if you’re using either of those.

If you deleted your entire Bumble account, everything is deleted. I highly recommend downloading anything you want to keep, such as a special conversation, before you delete your Bumble account. Remember, this deletes everything from Dating, Bizz, and BFF.

However, if you regret your decision, you have up to 28 days to restore your Bumble profile. Contact Bumble for help restoring everything. After 28 days, your information is purged and can’t be restored. The waiting period is simply to ensure that you’re certain. During this period, no one sees your profile.

If you have any issues trying to delete your account, or you’ve lost access to it, contact Bumble for help.

One of the most important things to know about how to delete a Bumble account is deleting an account doesn’t cancel premium subscriptions. You must cancel these yourself. If you deleted your account before canceling, you may be able to delete the subscription through the Google Play Store or App Store or contact Bumble to cancel.

If your account is still active, tap the silhouette in the bottom-left corner, then tap My Pay Plan. Choose your plan, and follow the app’s prompts to cancel.

Does Deleting Bumble Remove a Profile?

Deleting the Bumble app doesn’t affect your profile in any way. It’s still visible, even if you’re not actively looking for anyone. If you reinstall the app, log in, and all your information is still there.

You must delete the actual account to remove your profile, then delete the app from your phone.

Of course, if you’re not swiping right on anyone, you’re not actually matching with anyone. However, potential matches may feel you’re not interested if you never respond.

Can You Deactivate Without Deleting?

Just need a break, but don’t want to delete everything? Not a problem. Maybe you need a digital detox, or you’re currently in a relationship but not sure it’s going to last. Whatever the reason, there is a way to temporarily leave Bumble without deleting your profile, connections, or activity.

Activate Snooze by tapping the silhouette in the bottom left, then tap the gear (settings) icon in the top right. Tap Snooze. Choose how long you want to pause your account. This ranges from one day to indefinitely.

Snoozing a Bumble account.

A fun bonus is an away message that you can set however you want. This shows your existing matches that you’re busy but will be back. It’s also a good idea to let any important matches know that you’re taking a bit of a break.

Or, if you subscribe to Bumble Premium or Premium+, activate Incognito Mode. It’s just under Snooze in the settings. You’re still active, but the only people who see your profile are the ones you swipe right on. However, this is not a free feature.

Delete Your Bumble Profile Whenever You Want

Whatever reason you have for leaving Bumble, all it takes is a few taps and a short wait for your account to go “poof.” If you happen to be deleting Bumble because it’s just not working out for you, give these mobile dating apps a try. If you’re single and a parent, check out these dating apps just for single parents.

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