How to Get More Matches on Bumble

People on a bus that says Fate is great but Bumble is faster.

Whether you’re happily swiping right often, or no one’s quite making the cut, everyone wants the same thing: more Bumble matches. If getting more matches on Bumble seems impossible, don’t worry. A few tweaks to your profile and learning the best way to use the app make all the difference.

1. Write a Fun Bio

One of the first things someone sees on Bumble after your photo is your bio. If you’ve left this blank, or it looks more like a bland LinkedIn bio, it’s time to make some changes. No, you don’t need your entire life history. Instead, give potential matches a little insight into who you are.

Be honest but friendly. Including a fun tidbit about yourself or something important to you makes a great conversation starter, too.

Tap the silhouette icon at the bottom left, tap Complete my profile, and scroll down to My bio. Fill it out, and start making more Bumble matches.

FIlling out the bio on Bumble.

2. Answer Profile Prompts

Want to add a little more to your Bumble bio? Just answer a few profile prompts. You get up to three, though you’re free to change to different prompts at any time. Use these to answer something serious about yourself, show off your sense of humor, or talk about an interest or something you’re passionate about.

For instance, I could answer “I’m a real nerd about … ” with “anything to do with The Princess Bride.”

Find a long list of prompts in the Complete my profile section. Tap Add a prompt under Profile prompts, choose your prompt, and answer it. These are added just under your bio in your profile.

Picking prompts to get more Bumble matches.

3. Verify Your Profile

Let’s face it, catfishing sucks. But how do you know that cute pic is really that person? Help potential Bumble matches feel more comfortable trusting you and swiping right by verifying your profile.

The free process is simple. Tap the silhouette icon, select Complete my profile, and tap Verify my profile. Before you verify, ensure that you’ve uploaded at least one clear photo for your profile picture.

Instructions on how to verify your Bumble profile.

Tap Take my photo, and use the exact pose required by Bumble. If possible, get someone else to take the photo to make sure you get a clear image. Verification happens within a few minutes.

4. Include Six Photos

While users only see your main profile photo initially, if they’re interested, they can see more photos as they check out the rest of your profile. Use all six photo spots to show off your interests and personality. And, if a picture is worth a thousand words, six thousand words definitely helps you stand out, right?

Go to the Complete my profile section. Tap any empty photo spots (block with a + symbol) to add a photo. Or, if you want to change out photos, tap the photo you want to replace, and add a new one.

Adding more photos to Bumble.

5. Connect Instagram and Spotify

Want to show off even more pictures or impress potential matches with your crazy awesome music tastes? Bumble lets you connect your Instagram and Spotify accounts to share even more about yourself. Your profile shows your latest Instas and top Spotify artists. However, it won’t show your usernames to give you more privacy.

In the Complete my profile section, scroll down to Connected accounts. Choose which account(s) you want to connect, and follow the prompts.

Connect your Instagram and Spotify accounts.

6. Have Someone Else Take Your Photos

Selfies are great, but they don’t perform as well on dating apps, as you may want. Instead, more candid shots by friends and family work best, as they show off your personality and interests. Another benefit is that these photos are typically clearer.

Ask a friend or relative to take some pictures for you. Bonus points if these are photos of you enjoying something you love, to get that genuine smile.

7. Fill Out as Many Details as Possible

You don’t want to spend forever filling out a dating profile that only interested people are going to see. However, it’s worth it and only takes around five minutes. Get more matches on Bumble by filling out every detail possible.

Bumble lets you list five interests. These are used to help match you with like-minded people. Also, fill out the My Basics and More about me sections in your profile, such as job, education, location, star sign, what you’re looking for, and height. Obviously, only fill out what you’re comfortable with.

List of Bumble profile details to answer.

8. Use a SuperSwipe

While the above tips to get more Bumble matches are free, the SuperSwipe feature isn’t. The feature lets you show a potential match that you’re extra interested. The app notifies the user that you SuperSwiped them, making them more likely to check you out. It’s not a guarantee, but it will get you noticed.

Tap the silhouette icon at the bottom left. Tap SuperSwipe to buy a package of SuperSwipes. The cheapest option is 30 for $1.17. Or, subscribe to a Bumble premium plan to get five SuperSwipes per week.

Buying SuperSwipes in Bumble.

9. Avoid Mondays

Since Bumble only gives you 24 hours to match up when you swipe right (unless you extend the match with a premium plan), wait to swipe when the platform’s more active. In general, Monday isn’t a great day. Friday and Saturday tend to be the most popular, so you’re most likely to hear back faster from a match.

Try it and experiment on different days, as the busiest day(s) can vary by location.

10. Be Picky

It may sound counterproductive, but Bumble wants users to make real matches. Be picky about how often you’re swiping right. Generally, guys tend to swipe right on numerous profiles just to boost their chances of getting a lot of matches.

When Bumble sees you swiping right too often, your profile could get pushed to the bottom of the pile and show up less often. Take the time to really read a user’s profile, and see if they’re a good potential match before swiping right.

With a little patience and the right profile, you’ll start getting more matches on Bumble. But if things just aren’t working out, delete Bumble and try another dating app.

Image credit: Flickr. All screenshots by Crystal Crowder.

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