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The word “status” on WhatsApp has two different meanings. It can either refer to Instagram story-like images and videos that get deleted 24 hours after posting to your online status. This shows up at the top of a chat, alerting the other party that you’re currently online and approachable. It’s possible to hide both statuses from being viewed by certain people. So follow us in this tutorial, as we show you how to hide a WhatsApp status.

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How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

Hiding your online status can prevent others from seeing all your comings and goings online, allowing you more privacy.


Open WhatsApp on your phone, and press on the three dots in the upper-right corner.

Selecting Settings option in WhatsApp for Android.

Select Settings, then go to Privacy.

Selecting Privacy from Settings menu in WhatsApp for Android.

Tap on Last seen and online.


Select Nobody under Who can see my last seen, then tap on Same as last seen under Who can see when I’m online. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to retain your last seen status while having your online status disabled, although the reverse is possible.

Tweaking settings for "Who can see my last seen" and "Who can see when I'm online" in WhatsApp for Android.

You can also opt to hide your online status from select contacts. First, tap on My contacts except … under Who can see my last seen, and select the contacts in question. Opt for Same as last seen under Who can see when I’m online.

Note: if you disable your online status, you won’t be able to see when other people are online, either.


Open WhatsApp and press the Settings button at the bottom.

Navigating to Privacy in WhatsApp for iOS.

Select Privacy. Go to Last Seen & Online, and modify your preferences as explained in the above section.

Tapping on

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How to Hide Your WhatsApp Status Updates from Specific People When Posting

When it comes to the other kind of WhatsApp status – which can be either an image or video – you can specify whether you want to hide it from specific people while you’re creating the post.

Open WhatsApp on your phone, and switch to the Updates tab if you’re on Android. On iOS, press the Updates button on the lower side of the display.

Tapping on My status option in WhatsApp for Android.

Press on My status to add your status. Either upload it or take a photo/record the video using the WhatsApp camera.

Add improvements (if any) on the editing screen. Tap on the Status button at the bottom.

Tapping on Status button in WhatsApp for Android.

Choose one of two options: My contacts expect … then select only the individuals you don’t want to see your status, or Only share with … then select only the individuals you do want to see your status.

Tweaking privacy settings for status while posting on WhatsApp for Android.

Once you’ve made your choice, press on Done, then press the arrow in the lower-right corner to proceed.

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How to Hide Your WhatsApp Status Updates from Specific People Before Posting

Don’t want to change the privacy settings whenever you want to post a status update on WhatsApp? You don’t have to. There are two methods to tweak these settings before doing the actual posting to ensure the adjustments will be applied to every status you post moving forward.

Updates Tab

Switch to the Updates tab in WhatsApp for Android. On iOS, press Updates at the bottom. Tap on the three dots in the upper right, then select Status privacy.

Tapping on

You’ll see the same two options outlined in the section above. Tweak your privacy from there. The changes will be applied to all the statuses you post from now on.


Open WhatsApp on Android, press on the three dots in the upper-right corner, and select Settings. In the iOS app, press Settings in the bottom menu.

Tap on Privacy, then select Status.

Tapping on Status option in Privacy menu in WhatsApp for Android.

Use one of the two options discussed above to modify your sharing preferences.

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How to Hide Your Status Updates from Specific People After Posting

If you were in a hurry to post and forgot to tweak your status privacy settings, unfortunately, you can’t go back and change it.

If you’ve made a mistake, we suggest you delete the status as soon as you realize what happened, then repost it with the right privacy settings.

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