June 18, 2024

How to Report a Road Hazard and Other Incidents on Waze

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Waze is a navigation app appreciated by many. One of the reasons Waze is so effective in guiding you to your destination is that it relies on user reports and data to deliver the best possible directions. If you, too, would like to contribute to improving Waze, this tutorial shows how to report a road hazard and other incidents on Waze.

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How to Report a Crash on Waze

You’ll need the Waze app or Waze on Android Auto or CarPlay to start reporting, as this function is not available in the Waze Live Map browser version.

Open the Waze app, create your route, and tap the + in a yellow triangle that appears on top of the estimated arrival time.

Clicking on yellow triangle with + sign in Waze app.

In the What do you see menu at the bottom, tap on the Crash option.

Clicking on Crash option in

Select the option that describes what you’re currently seeing, then tap the Report button.

Adding crash report in Waze app.

The event will appear on the map. Your Waze username should automatically appear next to it.

Reports will appear on the map for a certain amount of time, determined by the number of Waze users who react to it. If you’ve spotted a report someone else made, you’ll have to ignore it. The only option you have is to like the report prolonging the time it appears on the map.

To avoid making an incorrect report, only report incidents on Waze that you see in real time. Don’t add them afterward.

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How to Report Road Hazards on Waze

If you stumbled upon a road hazard, you can report it on Waze by pressing the yellow triangle button and selecting Hazard.

Tapping on Hazard icon in Waze app.

There are a few options, including Construction, Broken traffic light, and Pothole.

Reporting a hazard option in Waze app.

Tap on the road hazard you noticed, and press Report, and the app will send and place your report automatically on the map.

How to Report Police Sightings on Waze

If you encounter police on the road and want to alert the other drivers to their presence, press the yellow triangle button, and select Police.

Tapping on Police button in Waze app.

Select one of the options, and continue by pressing the Report button.

Reporting a police options in Waze app.

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How to Report Road Closures on Waze

Waze also lets you alert others of any road closures. Hit the triangle button in the map app, and select Closure.

Tapping Closure button in Waze app.

Tap one of the arrows to mark a road closure, depending on your current location. Press the Send button.

Adding a closure in Waze app.

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Report Additional Incidents on Waze

Waze allows you to report a few other important things for fellow drivers. You’ll find them under the same menu as the other options.

Map issues options to report in Waze app.
  • Traffic – lets you add notifications for Waze traffic incidents, such as when the traffic is heavy or has reached a standstill.
  • Bad weather – alerts other drivers to weather issues, such as slippery roads, floods, or icy roads.
  • Blocked lanes – highlights inaccessible lanes on a given route.
  • Map issues – helps Waze users report any issues related to map functionality, including wrong driving directions, missing exits, or incorrect junctions.

Keep in mind that Waze limits the number of times a user can report issues to limit the chances of spam and incorrect reporting. Google recommends that you try to abstain from reporting more than one instance per minute. Once Waze flags you for excessive reporting, you may face a temporary block from the app.

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Image credit: Freepik. All screenshots by Alexandra Arici.

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