Is Bumble Premium Worth It?

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Bumble is one of many dating apps, but it does something different by putting the power in women’s hands. While it’s free to use, Bumble Premium offers quite a few perks to help you make more matches. But is upgrading worth it? Let’s examine this question further.

What is Bumble Premium?

The basic Bumble service is free, but the app has to make money, right? Bumble Premium gives you quite a few extra features to help you make more matches, get noticed, and even the opportunity to connect with expired matches. After all, 24 hours isn’t always enough time to connect.

It’s one of three subscription plans (Premium, Premium+, and Boost) and probably the most cost effective if you’re serious about meeting new people. Though, if you’re just looking to make some new real-life friends online, there are other free ways to do so.

What Features Are Included in Bumble Premium?

You get a surprising number of features with a Premium subscription. Please note, some features are only for the dating portion of Bumble. These include:

List of Bumble Premium features inside the app.
  • Unlimited likes – each day, you’re shown four Best Bees, or best potential matches. With free, you only get to like one of them per week. Premium lets you like all of them if you want, every day.
  • Beeline – tired of swiping and hoping to match? Beeline lets you see who already liked your profile so that you can check out who’s already interested.
  • Advanced filters – the free filters are very basic. With Advanced filters, get far more specific about what you do and do not like, to make better overall matches.
  • Incognito mode – don’t want everyone seeing your profile? Keep things more private by only letting people who you swipe right on, see your profile.
  • Travel mode – want to make connections while traveling or even before arriving to a new city? Set up Travel mode and start connecting in that area. You can still see matches for your local area as well.
  • 5 SuperSwipes per week – really like someone? Use a SuperSwipe to ensure they see your profile first. They’ll even see you’re “super” interested, making them more likely to swipe right, too.
  • 1 Spotlight per week – while more users means more potential matches, it can also mean your profile gets lost in the shuffle. Once per week, stand out from the rest and be shown at the top of users’ queues for 30 minutes.
  • Unlimited extends – once you swipe right, Bumble only gives you 24 hours to make a connection. With Unlimited extends, extend this time period as often as you want to give matches longer to respond.
  • Unlimited rematch – maybe you got busy and missed the 24-hour window. No worries, as Bumble Premium lets you rematch with expired matches.
  • Unlimited backtrack – we’ve all accidentally swiped the wrong way. With Premium, you didn’t just miss out on your soulmate. Simply backtrack and swipe right.

Please note that these features are only for Bumble Premium. If you choose Premium+, you also get:

  • Fast track your likes – get seen sooner by your likes
  • Stand out every day – automatically get prioritized in feeds during optimal times of the day
  • See who’s trending – check out some of the most popular people on Bumble

How Much Does Bumble Premium Cost?

Premium upgrade prices vary drastically, based on how you choose to pay. No matter which option you choose, you receive all the same benefits listed above. Bumble Premium upgrades cost the following:

Bumble Premium plans listed inside the app.
  • 1 day – $6.99
  • 1 week – $21.99
  • 3 months – $7 per week
  • 6 months – $5.44 per week
  • 1 month – $10.50 per week or $44.99
  • Lifetime – $199.99

I’d recommend opting for the six-month plan if you really want to save money. On the other hand, the Lifetime plan only costs $3.85/week over the course of a year. So, if you plan to use the app for a year or more, just pay the one-time fee and enjoy the savings.

With Bumble Premium+, there are fewer options and no Lifetime plan. Your options include:

  • 1 week – $29.99
  • 3 months – $9.33 per week
  • 1 month – $14 per week or $59.99

How Do I Sign Up for Bumble Premium?

From within the Bumble app, tap the gray person icon at the bottom left. This page lists all your upgrade options. Swipe to choose between Premium, Premium+, and Boost. Tap Premium.

Select your subscription term. Please be aware that all options outside of Lifetime are auto-renewing subscriptions, including the daily plan.

Paying for a single day of Premium in Bumble.

Tap the Get button at the bottom of the screen, and choose how to pay. Bumble supports credit card, PayPal, and Venmo. Depending on your device, you may only be able to pay directly through Google Play or the App Store.

How Do I Cancel Bumble Premium?

Tried Bumble and didn’t like it? No problem. Just cancel Bumble Premium.

In the app, tap the profile icon in the bottom-left corner, and select My Pay Plan. Select your plan, and follow the prompts to confirm you want to cancel.

If you subscribed via Google Play, you must cancel the subscription within Google Play. Open Google Play, and tap your profile icon. Select Payments & subscriptions -> Subscriptions. Choose Bumble and complete the prompts to cancel.

On Bumble’s website, click your profile icon in the top left, select Manage your Boost or Manage your Premium, and click Unsubscribe under your plan.

Is It Worth Upgrading?

Bumble Premium isn’t cheap, but if you’re serious about making the best matches, it is worth the upgrade to find more personalized matches. But, with a little patience, the free version works well for finding love and friendship. But if Bumble is just not for you, try one of these other mobile dating apps.

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