Let Attackers Access Critical APIs

An unauthenticated critical API access vulnerability was found in the Ivanti Sentry interface, which could allow a threat actor to gain access to sensitive APIs that can be used to access the Ivanti administrator portal and configure Ivanti Sentry.

This vulnerability can also be used to execute OS commands on the 

If an attacker succeeds in exploitation, the attacker will be able to configure Ivnati Sentry, execute system commands, or write files onto the system.

However, since this administrator portal uses port 8443, users who do not have their Ivanti administrator portal exposed over the internet have a low ratio of exploitation.

This vulnerability exists due to insufficient restrictive Apache HTTPD configuration that allows a threat actor to bypass authentication controls on the administrator portal of Ivanti.

The CVSS score for this vulnerability is yet to be confirmed. Nonetheless, Ivanti Sentry has provided a CVSS score of 9.8 (Critical). 

“Exploitation is only possible through the System Manager Portal, hosted on port 8443 by default.” reads the Knowledge Base (KB) article of Ivanti. 

Ivanti Sentry, which was formerly known as MobileIron Sentry, is a Unified Endpoint Management product that can be used by organizations to encrypt, manage, decrypt, and protect mobile devices and backend systems traffic.

Ivanti confirmed in their security advisory that this vulnerability does not affect other Ivanti products like Ivanti EPMM or Ivanti Neurons for MDM. Ivanti Sentry products with versions 9.18, 9.17, 9.16, and older versions are affected by this vulnerability. 

For fixing this vulnerability, Ivanti has provided a resolution involving steps to remediate this vulnerability. Ivanti also recommended users restrict external access to the administrator portal at 8443, which can only be accessed by IT administrators or an internal management network.

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