New PaperCut NG/MF Flaw – Unpatched Windows servers

A Critical vulnerability was discovered in the widely used PaperCut MG/ NF print management software running on Windows prior to version 22.1.3.

As of the July 2023 security bulletin, patches have been released by PaperCut to fix this vulnerability. PaperCut is a widely used print management software that has two different software as, MG and NF.

PaperCut is a printing management and control tool, while NF is a versatile solution that offers printing, copying, scanning, and specialty printing capabilities.

CVE-2023-39143: Chained Path Traversal in Authenticated API

On certain configurations, this vulnerability enables an unauthenticated attacker to potentially read, write and upload arbitrary files resulting in remote code execution.

The CVSS Score for this vulnerability is yet to be confirmed.

Configuration Required Exploitation

As reported, servers running on Windows platforms that have the external device integration setting enabled are vulnerable to this remote code execution through file upload.

This setting is enabled by default on certain PaperCut installations such as PaperCut NG Commercial version or PaperCut MF.


This vulnerability can be detected using the following command, which checks if the server is patched and whether it is running on Windows.

curl -w “%{http_code}” -k –path-as-is “https://<IP>:<port>/custom-report-example/..\..\..\deployment\sharp\icons\home-app.png”

A 200 response to this command indicates that the server is not patched and vulnerable, and a 404 response states that the server is patched and not vulnerable.

Users of these products are recommended to upgrade to the latest version of PaperCut NG/MF, version 22.1.3. As a workaround, users can also configure an allowlist of IP addresses that are permitted to connect with the PaperCut server.

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