OSINT Platform to SOC & MDR Teams for Malware Analysis

ANY.RUN now integrates with OpenCTI, a cyber threat intelligence platform that allows automatic enrichment of OpenCTI observations with malware data directly from ANY.RUN analysis. 

Users can access indicators like TTPs, hashes, IPs, and domains without manual data source checks. 

The data from interactive analysis sessions within the ANY.RUN sandbox can further enrich the observations that centralize threat analysis information from various sources for efficient investigation.


Integrate ANY.RUN in Your Company for Effective Malware Analysis

Are you from SOC, Threat Research, or DFIR departments? If so, you can join an online community of 400,000 independent security researchers:

  • Real-time Detection
  • Interactive Malware Analysis
  • Easy to Learn by New Security Team members
  • Get detailed reports with maximum data
  • Set Up Virtual Machine in Linux & all Windows OS Versions
  • Interact with Malware Safely

If you want to test all these features now with completely free access to the sandbox:

OpenCTI observations with data from ANY.RUN sandbox 

OpenCTI, a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), ingests threat data from various sources (feeds, sandboxes) using connectors and stores this data as “observations” (indicators like IPs and hashes).

Specifically, OpenCTI offers connectors for:

  • MITRE ATT&CK: facilitates mapping collected data to known attack techniques.
  • ANY.RUN Threat Feeds: imports enriched threat indicators daily.
  • ANY.RUN Sandbox: allows adding details from sandbox analysis (malware family, maliciousness scores) to observations.
OpenCTI interface 

ANY.RUN is a cloud-based malware sandbox service that analyzes suspicious files in a safe virtual environment, offers real-time detection using pre-defined rules and allows interactive analysis for in-depth investigation. 

During this analysis, Its enrichment connector for OpenCTI streamlines threat analysis by automatically investigating suspicious files and when enriching an observation (potential threat evidence) in OpenCTI, it can leverage the connector to submit the file to ANY.RUN’s cloud sandbox. 

It creates a safe virtual environment to analyze the file’s behavior and then extracts Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) like URLs, domains, and network activity from the analysis. 

Details, including extracted IOCs and behavioral observations, are then fed back and attached to the corresponding observation within OpenCTI. This effectively transforms the observation into a full-fledged OpenCTI indicator, providing valuable context for further investigation.

Then, with the enriched information readily available, can seamlessly integrate it with the SIEM or SOAR systems, triggering automated incident response procedures and enabling security teams to address potential threats swiftly.

Analyze suspicious files in OpenCTI with ANY.RUN.

OpenCTI users can utilize the ANY.RUN enrichment connector to analyze suspicious observables (indicators) like URLs. By selecting an observable and clicking the enrichment button, they can choose the ANY.RUN connector. 

This triggers an automated analysis in the background. Once completed, the observable details are enriched with findings that include creating relationships between the perceptible and identified Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used by the potential malware. 

An external reference links to the specific ANY.RUN sandbox analysis report for further manual investigation.

What is ANY.RUN?

ANY.RUN is a cloud-based malware lab that does most of the work for security teams. 400,000 professionals use ANY.RUN platform every day to look into events and speed up threat research on Linux and Windows cloud VMs.

Advantages of ANY.RUN 

  • Real-time Detection: ANY.RUN can find malware and instantly identify many malware families using YARA and Suricata rules within about 40 seconds of posting a file.
  • Interactive Malware Analysis: ANY.RUN differs from many automated options because it lets you connect with the virtual machine from your browser. This live feature helps stop zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced malware that can get past signature-based protection.
  • Value for money: ANY.RUN’s cloud-based nature makes it a cost-effective option for businesses since your DevOps team doesn’t have to do any setup or support work.
  • Best for onboarding new security team members: ANY. RUN’s easy-to-use interface allows even new SOC researchers to quickly learn to examine malware and identify signs of compromise (IOCs).

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