The 7 Best Twitter Apps for Android

Tired of using the default Twitter app and want some fresh and exciting alternatives? This list of the best Twitter apps for Android will revolutionize the way you use Twitter. Whether you’re looking for enhanced features, better customization options, or simply a more visually appealing interface, we have you covered. Get ready to take your Twitter game to the next level with these must-try apps!

Good to know: it’s now possible to organize tweeple into smaller groups with Twitter Lists.

1. Twitter Lite

Price: free

If you want your Twitter app to load faster and consume less space without compromising the basic functions of the app, then Twitter Lite is just the thing for you. With an app download size in KBs, Twitter Lite is not only space-friendly but also data-friendly.

Twitter Lite app interface overview.

As a result, it is a lot faster to load than the main app, even with low Internet speed. Additionally, its interface is almost identical to the main app, so you can easily get accustomed to it. From the floating tweet button to like, retweet, comment, etc., it has all the functions an average Twitter user could ask for.

Yet, Twitter Lite’s portable quality comes at the cost of missing out on some of the more-than-basic features. To list a few, it doesn’t let you save or view drafts, manage account settings or use swipe gestures like the main app. Similarly, it doesn’t support multiple accounts, so you can’t switch between accounts like on the main app.

FYI: you can quickly perform basic tasks using keyboard shortcuts when using Twitter on your laptop or desktop computer.

2. Friendly for Twitter

Price: free / starting at $1.99 per month

Friendly for Twitter is simply one of the best Twitter Android apps. It offers various special features to enhance your Twitter experience. For one, you can connect all your Twitter accounts to it (if you use more than one).

Friendly For Twitter app overview.

It also offers a smart notification system where you can enable or disable Direct Messages and even select a check frequency. Moreover, the app lets you download Twitter images, GIFs, and videos with ease. Plus, you can customize its theme to your liking.

Despite including all of these excellent features, Friendly is a space-friendly, lightweight client, which makes it much faster and easier on your device’s battery and storage, compared to the original Twitter app. You can also evade those pesky ads and sponsored tweets by subscribing to its paid plan Friendly T+. Yet, Friendly For Twitter can get really glitchy sometimes and lacks the swipe gestures of the main Twitter app.

Tip: did you know that you can access Twitter content even without an account?

3. Fenix 2

Price: free / starting at $4.99 per month

Fenix 2 is another outstanding Twitter app for Android with a range of unique features and functionalities. What we appreciate the most is its sleek and intuitive interface that offers a great user experience. It also provides a powerful set of tools for managing your Twitter account and monitoring your feed.

Fenix 2 app overview.

With Fenix 2, it’s possible to customize your Twitter feed to suit your preferences. For example, you can create custom timelines and mute certain hashtags and users to keep your feed clutter-free. Additionally, Fenix 2 offers a powerful search functionality that allows you to search for specific tweets, accounts, and hashtags.

The app lets you schedule tweets for later so that you can post them at specific times without having to remember to do so manually. While Fenix 2 is not available on the Google Play Store, you can still download it from other APK sites, such as APKPure. For more sites to safely download APKs, check out our post on the matter. Additionally, while Fenix 2 has a free version available, you need a paid subscription to realize its full potential, which is relatively more expensive than most other Twitter apps.

4. Twidere for Twitter

Price: free / starting from $1.49 per month

Twidere for Twitter takes Twitter customization to a different level. From background colors to typeface, tweet display, animations, images, and so on, Twidere lets you customize various elements of Twitter. It’s almost like developing your customized Twitter without coding.

Twidere For Twitter app interface.

Twidere can enhance your app experience by letting you reposition the floating tweet button, add a scroll slider, and so much more. The best part is that most of these customization options are free to use. Plus, it’s ad-free. Of course, there’s also a paid version of Twidere.

This Twitter app has a steep learning curve, as so many customization options can make it overwhelming to use. Additionally, Twidere uses polling to check for new tweets and notifications, so you may not get real-time push notifications.

Good to know: you can download videos from Twitter to your Android or iPhone device, as well as the desktop.

5. Hootsuite

Price: free / starting at $99 per month

If you are a social media influencer or use social media for your business, then Hootsuite can be a lifesaver! With Hootsuite, you can efficiently manage your presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, from one platform.

Hootsuite app overview.

For a strong online presence, it’s important to post timely and consistently, but doing so manually can be time-consuming. That’s where Hootsuite can save you with its scheduling features that allow you to program tweets in advance. Additionally, Hootsuite provides detailed analytics and reporting features to help you track your social media performance and make data-driven decisions.

Another major advantage is its team collaboration feature that allows you to invite team members to your Hootsuite account, so they can help manage the social media accounts with you. However, all these features come at a rather sizable cost, and the free version only offers limited functionality. Moreover, if you are new to the platform, you may find its interface overwhelming and slow to load at times.

6. Plume for Twitter

Price: free / starting at $4.99 per month

Plume for Twitter is another excellent Twitter app for Android. From themes to font sizes, notification settings, etc., you can customize them all.

Plume For Twitter app overview.

Additionally, Plume has powerful filtering options that let you create custom filters to block or highlight specific keywords, hashtags, and accounts. You can even organize tweets by color, which is particularly useful if you want to avoid certain types of content or stay up to date on specific topics. Moreover, Plume lets you sync multiple Twitter accounts and manage them all in one place.

Viewing links within Plume is very convenient, thanks to its built-in browser. However, its free version is riddled with ads, which can get very annoying. For the ad-free experience, you need to subscribe to its paid plan, which is more on the expensive side. Additionally, it’s unavailable on the Play Store, so you’ll have to download it from an external website.

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7. Albatross for Twitter

Price: free / starting at $1.99 per month

Albatross for Twitter is a feature-rich Twitter client, designed to minimize distractions and provide a more enjoyable user experience. First off, it has a customizable dashboard that lets you organize your Twitter feed in a way that suits you. You can even create custom tabs for specific topics or users, which allows you to easily switch between different feeds.

Albatross For Twitter app overview.

Additionally, Albatross boasts customization options that let you personalize your experience, including themes, font sizes, and notification settings. The app provides a distraction-free Twitter experience with a minimalist design, while hiding ads and other distractions from the user interface.

This Twitter client also offers a range of useful features, including a built-in browser for viewing links within the app and support for multiple Twitter accounts. Just like some of the other apps, to access all of its features, you need to subscribe to the paid plan. Moreover, the interface may take some getting used to for new users.

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Many Choices

As you’ve seen here, if you don’t like the options or interface of the official Twitter, there are many great alternative Twitter apps for Android. But if you don’t like the recent changes to Twitter, you aren’t stuck with it, as you can always switch to a Twitter alternative. If you’re fed up with Facebook as well, try one of these Facebook alternatives.

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